You’re barraged with hundreds of financial decisions in your lifetime. Start building your financial security.  Let us help you make smart financial decisions.

What we do

Premier Provider for Financial Advice

We are your financial advisor on call.  Start building your financial security so we can help you analyze and make smart decisions. Our comprehensive financial planning and investment services are listed below.  See our FAQ for details on pricing.



  • Review your mutual funds, ETFs; recommend any changes 
  • Institutional classes to lower expenses 
  • Your pensions at work 
  • Review and evaluate your performance, expenses 
  • Strategies to safeguard value:  dollar-cost averaging, tax-shifting, etc. 
  • Research to stay abreast of changes 


  • Type of debt comparisons – which to use 

  • Comparing mortgage alternatives 

  • Net worth statement 

College Planning

  • 529s – for yours or grandkids 

  • UTMAs 

  • Tax Credits 

Retirement Planning

  • Saving enough and saving smart 
  • Spending too much 
  • Maximizing social security 
  • Affording senior residence facilities 
  • Second homes/large expenditures 


  • Life – analyzing how much is needed, and quote 

  • Property & Casualty – reviewing for gaps 

  • Disability – analyzing how much is needed, and quotes 

  • Long-term Care – analyzing coverage, options to premium increases 

  • Medical/Medigap 


Tax Strategies

  • Gifting investments to achieve lower tax on capital gains, in appropriate situations 
  • Using multiple selling points over multiple tax years to avoid higher tax brackets 
  • Using tax-advantaged vehicles, such as health savings accounts, IRAs 
  • Tax-shifting between investment accounts 
  • Simple, SEP, Sole 401k pensions  
  • Analyzing options with your CPA to assess which gives us the largest advantage 
  • More 

Sustainable Investing

  • Can incorporate ESG and socially-responsible investments, both ETFs and mutual funds
  • Integrate to the extent you direct: 30%, 50% or more of your dollars are invested in this manner

Estate Planning

  • Review wills/trusts for specific financial aspects 
  • Estate Planning Schedule (includes funding) 
  • Review pre-nup agreements 
  • Conversations with your attorney to best coordinate 

Employee Benefits

  • 401k/403b/457/Pension plans 

  • Defined benefit pensions: analyze taking lump sum vs. monthly check 

  • Employer disability, life coverage 

  • Executive deferred comp plans 

  • Stock options, restricted stock 

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