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Comprehensive financial planning and investment management.


Fee-only, no commissions, fiduciary: what’s in your best interest.

Why us?

CPA, CFP®, and CFA® designations, and lower fees on larger portfolios.

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I’m Sandi Weaver. “Welcome!” to Weaver Financial! 

We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management, for clients in Kansas City and across the country. 

We do not take commissions.  Our revenue comes only from our clients. 

What makes us different from other advisors?

I’ve earned the CPA, CFP®, and CFA® designations so I can provide

high quality financial planning advice for my clients.

Our fees are below the industry average on larger portfolios. 

Financial questions to consider:

  • How do you structure your investments to garner a sound return while keeping risk in check?
  • What’s the smartest way to save for your retirement-to get the most bang for your buck?
  • At year-end do you analyze distributions from your funds to lower your taxes? 
  • The expenses you pay inside your investments matter.  Let us show you how to access the lower expenses inside institutional classes. 
  • Which account should you withdraw from first to keep taxes and expenses low, so you can grow your portfolio the fastest? 
  • Don’t use last year’s top money magazine to pick your investments.  Take advantage of time-tested fact-driven professional research, unbiased by any brokerage. 
  • Avoid investment recommendations influenced by the commissions you pay an advisor.  We are fee-only, paid only by clients, not the mutual funds or ETF companies. 
  • Want to know what it’ll take to retire at age 62?  How much more do you need to save? 
  • If you’re now retired, do you know how much you can reasonably withdraw from your portfolio each year?  You don’t want to run out of savings later on. 
  • Can you afford that luxurious retirement facility? 
  • How much can you afford to give your middle daughter to help her back on her feet? 
  • Have you held onto that annuity for years?  What’s the very best use of that? 
  • Is there an option that lets you retire now and perhaps work part-time somewhere? 
  • Which distribution option should you choose on that employer pension?  The lump sum, or the monthly check, or a combination?  What if that employer is a bit shaky? 
  • How can you maximize your Social Security?  
  • Can you do something to lower taxes when you sell a holding to raise cash? 

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