Our job is to analyze your options, evaluate the pros and cons for you.  Then we explain the alternatives to you along with our recommendation(s).  Your job is to make the decisions!  

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Financial Planning and Investments

Financial Planning and investments are not mysterious processes.

Analyzing whether you can retire depends on how much you already have saved, how much you’re spending, how much you’re saving now, how much you’ll get in retirement from social security and monthly pension checks, what taxes and health care will cost you. 

Are there unknowns?  Oh yes. 

Are there good guesses to assist with those unknowns?  Yes. 

We believe our job is to analyze your situation, use reliable data sources, and evaluate your alternatives. 

Then we sit down with you, review your situation, your alternatives, your best options, our recommendations. 

Your job is to make the final decisions, armed with this information. 

Handling your investments runs the same course. 

The same process applies to your taxes,  your estate planning options,  your insurance decisions on life, disability, long-term care, property and casualty, and medical coverage, and to the other areas of financial planning we’ll face along your road. 

Weaver Financial is your premier provider for financial advice. 

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